T9000 Wireless Fan Coil Unit Controls

Precision, programmable temperature control – Select a temperature and get it!

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The T9000 wireless thermostat is the most flexible thermostat solution on the market today. Battery operated, the thermostat uses a 916.5MHz RF transceiver to send and receive control information to one or more Receiver Control Nodes (RCN). The system is unique in that it is capable of simultaneous control of completely unrelated, multiple heating and cooling HVAC loads through one thermostat, creating a virtual central heating and cooling control system.

The T9000 provides precision wireless thermostat control capability to a wide range of Fan Coil Unit (FCU) applications. Configurations are available for the simplest and the most complex control situations:

  • 2-pipe fan, fan/valve control
  • 2-pipe with auxiliary heat.
  • 4-pipe single-stage, two-stage air conditioning

Fan coils are common air conditioning systems used in commercial and residential buildings. In its simplest form, a central plant delivers hot or cold water to fan coil units, typically located on a perimeter wall in the space to be heated or cooled. A fan draws air from the room, blows it over the heated or cooled water-to-air heat exchanger, (coil) and returns it to the room.

2-pipe FCU systems use a single heating/cooling coil, with supply water seasonally changed from hot to chilled water. A 4-pipe FCU has separate heating and cooling coils. Provided the central plant supplies both heated and chilled water, a 4-pipe system allows year-round heating, cooling, and dehumidification. 2-pipe systems are common, particularly in residential multifamily applications and older buildings.

Fan coil controls can be as simple as just cycling the fan with or without a flow valve, or more complicated with separate heating and cooling valves, auxiliary electric heating elements, DX coils, and multiple fan speeds.


  • Simple to understand user interface controls.
  • Styling for home, office, or hotel applications.
  • Digital display of ambient temperature, and user setpoint temperature.
  • Easy pushbutton adjustment of all functions.
  • Accommodates external energy management inputs such as occupancy sensors and switches.
  • Battery powered, no control wiring needed.
  • Adjustable maximum heating and minimum cooling setpoint limits.
  • Direct load control potential.

Other applications:

  • Electric Baseboard Heating
  • Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner
  • Packaged Terminal Heat Pump
  • Window A/C
  • Other

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