T9000 PTAC 24


The T9000-PTAC-24 RCN is a generic controller for control of hotel ptac units, fan coil units or heat pumps.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONST9000-PTAC-24GENERALEnclosure:None Open stacked 2-PCB4.75″L x 3.20″W x 1.50″HMounting:

7/16″ tall stainless steel unthreaded through-hole standoff use #6 machine or sheet metal screws.


Operating Power:

24vac @ .6VA quiescent circuit board

Plus maximum of 12VA per triac load*

(*Use a U.L. Recognized Class-2 power transformer rated for required loading conditions.)


Standard grounded outlet/plug


  • 6 – pilot duty triac outputs @ 0.5A max each
  • 2 – dry contact closure inputs w/5vdc pull-up

ESD Withstand Voltage for No Hard Failures:

2.0 kV


FCC Part 15


  • 6 – Control Output Status
  • 2 – Input Status
  • 1 – Call for HEAT/COOL
  • 1 – HEAT Status
  • 1 – COOL Status
  • 1 – FAN Status
  • 1 – Service Pin


Temperature Range:

  • Operating: 0o to +70oC
  • Storage: -40o to +85oC

Humidity Range:

10% to 95% RH, non-condensing at 70oC


Physical Layer:

916.5 MHz Amplitude Shift Keyed

Packet Communications Protocol:

ANSI 709.1-1999

Communication Rate:

9600 bps


Pager-based direct load control

Local operating network capable

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