Fan Coil Retrofit


The T9000 wireless RF thermostat with Plug-in Remote Control Node (RCN) can
quickly convert any 110vac FCU to precision, programmable temperature

  1. Turn off power to the FCU at the circuit breaker.
  2. Disconnect the 110vac wiring feeding the fan speed selector box.
  3. Install a standard 110vac receptacle using the FCU power wires.
  4. Install a standard 110vac 14-gauge plug-cord with male end on the fan
    speed selector box. (The cord is connected where the wires in step 2
    above were removed.)
  5. Plug a T9000 Plug RCN into the newly installed receptacle.
  6. Plug the newly installed FCU male plug into the RCN and turn the FCU power back on.
  7. Turn the fan speed switch to the speed you prefer.
  8. Mount the T9000 thermostat in a suitable location and begin operating the FCU from the thermostat.


Whether a 2-pipe or 4-pipe system, flow control valves are typically
powered through the fan speed selector switch. Cycling power as
described will also work the flow valve in such configurations.


  1. When installing, avoid locations that completely enclose the RCN behind sheet metal.
  2. Do not exceed the Plug RCN load rating of 15 amps at 110vac.
  3. Follow National and local electrical wiring codes, practices, guidelines and regulations.
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