Baseboard Heating Application

Baseboard Heating Application

The T9000 Wireless Thermostat System is a perfect retrofit option for electric baseboard heating. It can provide precision temperature control, dramatically improve comfort and save energy.

The J-Box RCN (Remote Control Node) shown below can be installed in two ways:

  1. Mounting the J-box RCN with an appropriately sized power relay at baseboard heater unit itself, (the J-Box RCN comes in an attractive Ivory colored housing which can be mounted adjacent to the heater).
  2. Often the easiest and least expensive method of installation is mounting the J-Box RCN at the circuit breaker panel. In this case, the J-box controls one or more properly sized relays, switching power to dedicated heating circuits. This is a preferred method.

Base Board to JBOX RCN Wiring Example

Components involved:

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The patented T9000 wireless programmable thermostat design provides retrofit options never before possible. Powered with standard AA batteries, it can be placed anywhere without the disruption and expense of running wires. And, you get the temperature you want!
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